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Thank you for visiting our website. We are a small, independent publisher housed in deep south Texas. Since 1990, we have published 84 titles, the work of 20 different authors. So if it sounds like we’re proud of what we do here at Friendly Oaks Publications, it’s because we are!

Newest Titles!

ebook cover ISEBe sure to check out this excellent title, Improving a Youngster’s Self-Esteem (revised). This book is now available in immediately downloadable PDF format. For a complete description and more information, click on the book’s cover or CLICK HERE.



978-1-878878-81-6coverEver have to manage a conflict with a youngster that doesn’t really want to talk about it? These situations can turn a not-so-bad day into a really bad one. This book offers a script, a carefully designed 10-step process for collaborating with a youngster toward a solution in such a way as to not only avoid conflict, but enlist the youngster as part of that solution. To download immediately, or for more information click on the book’s cover or CLICK HERE.


LogoBoxSmallConsider bookmarking The Changing Behavior Network, our sister website. It is dedicated to the emotional, psychological and physical well-being of young people and their families. Radio-style interviews are conducted with guest experts and authors on this very important topic. Also, excellent articles are posted on the site regularly. One of the top links on that site explains how you can easily have new interviews or articles sent directly to your email as soon as they are posted. Friendly Oaks Publications is proud to help make The Changing Behavior Network available to all parents, grandparents, foster parents, teachers, counselors and all child-service professionals.

Join the FORUM: Stay up with what’s going on behind the scenes of the Network. Visit with former guest experts and authors, educators, counselors and clinicians, and folks like YOU! Join The Changing Behavior Network SUPPORT FORUM (a Facebook group).


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