FREE Teacher Training Through Radio-based Inservice(SM)

Working Effectively with the Difficult, Defiant and Noncompliant Student (Revised)

kylrustyThis 6-hour teacher inservice program is now available in an exciting new format that makes it possible for all schools to conduct top-shelf inservice economically and on THEIR schedule. The ONLY expense to schools is the Training Handbook; the training and all other materials are provided AT NO COST.

This program was developed in 2007 by Dr. James Sutton at the request of the Bureau of Education and Research. For seven  years it has been well-received, drawing top marks in the United States and Canada.

For complete information about this recently revised program, CLICK HERE. Read on to learn about this exciting new inservice delivery system.


What is Radio-based Inservice(SM)?

3DRBIsmRadio-based Inservice(SM) is a completely new concept in inservice training for educators. Three years in the development, Radio-based Inservice(SM) has a lot to offer, including some solutions to frustrations often experienced with the conventional methods of training educators within the school or district setting.

Most often, these frustrations involve budget restrictions and scheduling conflicts. Radio-based Inservice(SM) is an alternative that uses the internet, well-developed materials, and the dynamics of group interaction to create a customized training experience that is meaningful AND affordable.

Friendly Oaks Publications and The Changing Behavior Digest is making RBI training available to schools for their inservice needs. This includes the 15-part Training Presentation, Working Effectively with the Difficult, Defiant and Noncompliant Student (revised), the Training Guide, Group Leader’s Guide, Certificates of Completion and other related materials. Schools are required to purchase the 104-page resource handbook for participants.

Here’s a short video that explains the whole Radio-based Inservice(SM) concept:

For a Program Overview (20-page e-booklet) with information regarding how Working Effectively with the Difficult, Defiant and Noncompliant Student (revised) could be brought to your school, contact Radio-based Inservice(SM) at this email address: