“It Makes a Difference!”

"It Makes a Difference" 

ISBN 1-878878-07-7 (paperback)


      Dr. Sutton wrote this book to help child service professionals gain information and strategies for working with emotionally and behaviorally difficult youngsters.

      A major contribution of this book is the way in which it condenses emotional and behavioral characteristics into three categories: Depressed and Anxious, Conduct Disordered and Oppositional and Defiant. These categories, accounting for over 95% of the special emotional and behavioral needs of school-age youngsters, are each addressed in terms of presenting characteristics, causal factors, strategies for management and intervention, and implications for discipline. Special education classification, placement and programming are also discussed. The book concludes with suggestions for working with parents. A handy index for quickly locating answers to specific issues and concerns is also provided.

 This book is a 2002 reprint of the original book that was published in 1990.