About The Speakers Group

The Speakers Group

The Speakers Group, The Changing Behavior NetworkThe Speakers Group is a consortium of former guest authors/experts on The Changing Behavior Network. The group is made up of talented individuals who not only have a heart for healing, helping and encouraging youngsters and their families, they have a passion and a skill for sharing their message in multiple ways.

The Speakers Group “launched” in June of 2016. The link below will take you to the website, while this document will provide details regarding the group. –JDS


I. Benefits:

1. Your photo, information and book cover will be on the Network’s internet platform 24/7, complete with an ad on the home page directing folks to it. It will also be referenced on the home page of a popular sister site that’s been running for ten years (“It’s About Them”), and it will be advertised on the website of the Network’s parent company, Friendly Oaks Publications, as well as Dr. James Sutton’s website, www.DocSpeak.com.

2. Your book cover or graphic also will be on the website of the Network, clickable to your Amazon sales page, your website or whatever URL you specify. It will be visible on every page of the whole site.

3. Members of The Speakers Group volunteer to record short, 15-18 second audio promos for the group. One of these promos is now being placed at the very beginning of each interview program featured on The Changing Behavior Network.

4. Your posting will contain an audio link to a podcast featuring an interview with you in “action.” In other words, you and your message can be “sampled” immediately.

5. You will have the opportunity to submit articles on your topic, complete with your photo, book cover and byline with your website URL. These will be posted on The Changing Behavior Network (usually running Thursday through Saturday; they follow the Sunday through Wednesday radio-style interview), providing additional PR for you and your book.

6. You choose to list any or all of the seven types of services that can be provided. Some of these services could be delivered by phone, Skype, teleseminar or webinar. This can save travel, time and expense. Your home area also is specified in your listing, making it a benefit for requests for services close to you or for clients who won’t need to spend a lot on speaker travel.

7. The Speakers Group is intended to SUPPLEMENT any marketing arrangements you currently have; the group is always behind the scenes. You, your publicist or whomever you designate as a contact can work directly with all inquiries. There are no commissions and no fees with the group; you keep 100% of what you choose to charge (or not).

The Speakers Group, The Changing Behavior NetworkII. Seven Types of Services:

Of the following services, you’ll include the ones you feel comfortable in providing.

Book Signings (Especially good when they are close to home)

Articles (Contribute to blogs and newsletters, along with your by-line and URL.)

Interviews (Radio, television, podcasts and print media)

Presentations (Including churches, schools, civic groups and book clubs, perhaps in conjunction with a book signing)

Consulting (This would be related to your expertise or certification/license. It could include anything from advice or counseling to coaching and other one-on-one services.)

Training (Because of the focus of the Network, this is often training for child/family-service professionals, including CEU training and beginning of the year inservice for teachers.)

Conferences (Including keynote addresses, breakout sessions and on-site book signings)

III. Cost:

We felt it was important to make group membership as economical as as possible. By eliminating invoicing, we were able to get the cost of membership in The Speakers Group down to $9.50 per month; it’s handled as a simple, ongoing, monthly subscription. (This is set up as a secure service through PayPal; it can access your account balance or a credit card, and it can be cancelled at any time. There’s a one-time sign-in, and that’s it; the rest is automatic.) To be clear, this $9.50 per month includes your listing in The Speakers Group PLUS your clickable book cover on the Network’s home page.

IV. Tips on Creating a Listing:

Please, please, please stay close to these guidelines. We don’t want to edit listings, but might need to in order to stay close to format and space requirements.
(If you want us to post a different photo of yourself or your book cover other than what we have on file, you will need to include it in what you send.)

NAME: (List no more than two credentials with your name [PhD, EdD, LPC, LCSW, LMFT etc]. Spell out any that might not be commonly known.)

LOCATION: (Indicate the city where you live or the closest big city. Be sure to note if you are willing to travel. If it’s not noted, it will be assumed you prefer not to travel.)

SPECIALTY: (What skills, expertise and relevant credentials do you bring to the table? Be concise; if it’s too wordy, it won’t be read. This is where you can clarify your availability. For instance, if you mention you are a counselor or a coach, you have indicated the sort of consulting you do. Being a keynoter clarifies conferences, etc.)

AUTHOR OF: (For the sake of space, limit this to your best titles, but no more than three. Put titles in italics, separated by dashes.)

AVAILABLE FOR: (Of the following, indicate what you will provide: Book signings, Articles, Interviews, Presentations, Consulting, Training and Conferences.)

TOPICS: (Provide titles or content; no more than three. Put titles of topics in quotes, separated by dashes.)

CONTACT: (What you include is up to you: telephone, email and one website URL.)

LISTEN TO AN INTERVIEW: (We will link to the audio of your interview on the Network. If you have done more than one, specify if you have a preference.)

MESSAGE: (This is distinctly you; make it count with a maximum of 50 words. If it’s too long, it will be edited. [Suggestion: Make this “personal” by explaining why you do what you do.] This section will also feature the cover of one of your books.)

V. Thoughts on Arrangements and Fees:

Since this is a listing service and not a bureau or a booking agency, all inquiries and arrangements are between you and potential clients. You are free to charge or not charge for your services. (In the educational setting, they might call it an “honorarium.”) Even if you do not charge for a presentation, you certainly can ask for reimbursement of travel.

If you do charge a fee for any services, be very clear on your charges before you state them, but don’t include them in the listing.

VI. Listing Worksheet:

This is provided to help you develop your listing. If you wish, you can copy this information when it’s completed and simply paste it into an email or an attachment.