E-Book: Improving a Youngster’s Self-Esteem (revised)


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Improving a

Youngster’s Self-Esteem



A message from Dr. James Sutton, child and adolescent psychologist and author of this popular ebook for parents, grandparents and teachers. Self-esteem runs deep. Issues with self-esteem can last a lifetime. If a child has difficulty with self-esteem, NOW, not later, is the time to address it. As a child and adolescent psychologist, I’ve observed how most of the psychological and emotional conditions and diagnoses of childhood and adolescence are rooted in a youngster’s image of self … and whether that image is okay or not.ebook cover ISEThis downloadable and completely revised ebook, Improving a Youngster’s Self-Esteem, (73 pages, 12 chapters and 15 illustrations), offers you insights and specific suggestions for helping a child or adolescent to become happier and more fulfilled through improvement in his or her self-esteem. This easy-to-read and apply rock-solid, practical information can help you make a difference as the child’s parent, grandparent or teacher.One unique and valuable part of Improving a Youngster’s Self-Esteem (revised) is a five-question quiz, a mini assessment. It will help you pinpoint areas that need specific focus and intervention. You don’t need to flounder or shoot in the dark wondering WHERE to start. These five questions should make the starting points pretty obvious.

You’ll also learn how self-esteem is actually an evaluative component of something larger: Self-Concept. There are three other components to Self-Concept in addition to self-esteem: Body Self, Cognitive Self and Social Self. As this guide will explain, self-esteem evaluates these three Body, Cognitive and Social “Selves.” Strengths or needs in ANY of them are recorded in self-esteem.

Improving a Youngster’s Self-Esteem (revised) explains four emotional and behavioral characteristics that give evidence of and lend support to a strong self-esteem in a youngster. The guide then goes on to include many ways that parents, grandparents and teachers can help a youngster improve in their image and abilities, starting with their appearance (Body Self), then their achievement in school (Cognitive Self) and finally in their relationships (Social Self).

momsonThere are even two special chapters that deal with issues common to youngsters with delicate self-esteem: handling criticism and taking appropriate risks.

New to this revised edition of Improving a Youngster’s Self-Esteem are the illustrations by Sergio Garzon. We think you’ll agree he did a marvelous job.

As a resource, Improving a Youngster’s Self-Esteem (revised) won’t eliminate every problem youngsters will encounter, but it does offer a clear understanding of what self-esteem is in our young people today and how, bolstered with loving concern and the creative application of the ideas and suggestions offered, you can make a positive difference in a child or adolescent’s life.

And that’s a difference that can last a lifetime.

This valuable guide, Improving a Youngster’s Self-Esteem (revised), all 73 pages, 12 chapters of it, is available through PDF download for $9.50. Just one idea or suggestion from the guide could be worth many times the cost, IF you could even put a price on it.

I will personally GUARANTEE  that, if upon reading the guide, you don’t find anything that will empower you to be a meaningful help and resource to a child, I will refund your payment 100%.


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P.S. I enjoyed putting this guide together because it caused me to look at how my wife and I dealt with these very same self-esteem issues in our son and daughter as they were growing up. I discuss my own experiences freely in the guide, not because I didn’t make mistakes (I DID!), but because I could identify with the pain and the victories of those situations PERSONALLY. To me, that means more than prying it out of a book somewhere. (Although knowledge is valuable, it needs EXPERIENCE to be complete.) I wish you the very best.