The Changing Behavior Book: A Fresh Approach to the Difficult Child

ISBN 978-1-878878-77-9

$23.95 US (trade paperback)

282 pages, 24 illustrations, index, 2012

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The Changing Behavior Book: A Fresh Approach to the Difficult Child is the culmination of an intense, four-year project by the author, psychologist Dr. James Sutton. It brings new insights and interventions to the challenges parents and educators face with the difficult and defiant child.

Poor behavior is considered to be the result of poor skills. This book shows, step-by-step, how things improve when skills improve.

Although this book helps with a range of emotional and behavioral challenges, Dr. Sutton takes it one step further in suggesting a new concept for the most severe behaviors that stump us: Desperate Behavior. “Youngsters caught in desperate behavior act badly out of fear and panic,” he suggests. “Interventions with them must be different, as traditional measures just don’t work over time.” He then shares many interventions that do work, all of them relationship-based.

Perhaps the most significant contribution of The Changing Behavior Book is the perspective that no one can change another person’s behavior until they first change their own. It’s a poignant thought, and it impacts all intervention powerfully.

In the words of fellow psychologist and author, Dr. Jeffrey Bernstein, “This book will change countless lives for the better.”