“GRAND-Stories: 101+ Bridges of Love Joining Grandparents and Grandkids”


ISBN 1-878878-58-1 (hardcover with dustjacket)

Ernie Wendell, author; Tim Wiegenstein, illustrator

$21.95 US

There’s no need to tell a grandparent or a grandchild their relationship is unique and special; they already know it. They’ve known it for eons. Had there been no grandparents, someone would have created them. The role they fill in our society is timeless and as precious as life itself. Grandparents are the wellspring of wisdom, guidance, and affirmation. Grandparents and grandkids bridge the best of what has been with the best of what will be.

Every span of life’s bridge is a story; together the stories create the legacies that bind the generations together. GRAND-Stories is such a bridge. Ernie Wendell has collected and compiled amazing stories of character, sacrifice, and courage. Here are stories that reflect rare and special moments. Interwoven are stories of joy and deep, cleansing laughter. Here you will find a bridge to better understanding, a bridge to life’s Higher Ground.

Another thing that makes this book special is that it was published in 2000, when folks like Art Linkletter and legendary basketball coach John Wooden were still with us. Yes, their stories are in here, too.

… The tragedies and triumphs of life … the appreciation of family … We understand more clearly what really matters in all the seasons of our lives. That’s what GRAND-Stories is all about. Thank you, Ernie!Art Linkletter, television personality and author

… A testament to the indescribable worth of grandparents to the generations. Great book!Thelma Wells, inspirational speaker and author

… Heartwarming, emotional, encouraging, loving, eye-opening, poignant, humorous, entertaining, moving and much, much, more. —Zig Ziglar, Ziglar Inc., top motivational speaker and author

This is a GRAND read on a GRAND topic. Speaking as a grandfather myself, I love this book. Terrific!Larry King, formally with Larry King Live