“101 Ways to Make Your Classroom Special”

"101 Ways to Make Your Classroom Special" 

ISBN 978-1-878878-57-1 (paperback)

166 pages, 6×9″, illustrated, 1999


      This best-selling book by Dr. James Sutton (illustrations by Tim Wiegenstein) helps teachers address a growing concern within the classroom: noncompliance. The practical ideas offered do not come from a single source, but rather the contribution of some of the best teachers across the country.

      Want to encourage a class to strive for improvement in grades and behavior? Start a Great Banana Split Race. Want to encourage youngsters to stick with a tough task? Introduce a Pencil Nap. Want to recognize a job well done? Offer a Garbage Pull. Ideas offered are as effective as they are creative.

       Between the covers of 101 Ways to Make Your Classroom Special, you’ll find:

28 ways to reach out to youngsters, including shy or resistant students.

16 ways to help youngsters understand their needs and feelings and suppor the needs and feelings of otehrs.

32 ways to encourage youngsters to initiate and complete tasks.

8 ways to introduce students to the five powerful principles that translate into success in the working world.

17 ways that youngsters can develop their own special project that improves the lives of others and the environment.

16 ways to finance special projects (a bonus chapter).


      In short, 101 Ways to Make Your Classroom Special Creating a place where significance, teamwork and spontaneity can sprout and flourish will be a valuable resource for teachers and school counselors for years to come.


“Very, very practical techniques coupled with high principles and values. Definitely useful for all teachers.”

Dr. Harry K. Wong

Co-author of bestseller, The First Days of School