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James D. Sutton, EdD

As an educator, Dr. James Sutton has taught everything from grade school to graduate school. His interest in working with emotionally troubled youngsters motivated him to earn a doctorate in psychology. Today, Dr. Sutton addresses the needs of young people as a nationally-recognized psychologist, an author, and an accomplished speaker. His years of service to young people, and those who serve them, have included consultation with public and private schools and school districts, educational service centers, hospitals, residential treatment and group home facilities, juvenile probation authorities, special education cooperatives, and child service agencies.

As a specialist in training child service professionals on the campuses of major universities, Dr. Sutton has earned the nickname “Continuing Education’s Professor-At-Large”. As evidence of his platform skills, Dr. Sutton was granted Professional Member status into the prestigious National Speakers Association, and he holds the designation of Certified Speaking Professional, the highest earned designation possible in the speaking profession.

Dr. Sutton has authored many books, guides and training programs for child service professionals. His book If My Kid’s So Nice…Why’s He Driving ME Crazy? was named “Editor’s Choice” by Learning magazine, and he is the author of the best-seller, 101 Ways to Make Your Classroom Special: Creating a place where significance, teamwork, and spontaneity can sprout and flourish. His latest book, a 2012 release, is entitled The Changing Behavior Book: A Fresh Approach to the Difficult Child.


Dr. James Sutton

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