Today, so many youngsters present so many needs. The good news, however, is that YOU can make a difference. Our speaker today, Dr. James Sutton, brings years of credibility to the platform—as a teacher, as a psychologist, and as a speaker and author. He will encourage YOU to make that difference.

Jim can identify with near impossible situations. After all, he started off teaching junior high school.

He understands the frustration and heartbreak of working with the child who is crumbling under the weight of difficulty, disability and despair—but he also understands what it feels like to have ex-students reintroduce themselves years later in a shopping mall, saying simply “Thanks, you made a difference in my life.”

Jim’s content-packed messages and programs of interventions, empowerment, and hope have been delivered to child service professionals in schools, hospitals, agencies and prominent universities from coast to coast. As evidence of his platform skills, he was granted Professional Member status, then Emeritus status into the National Speakers Association, and he holds the designation of Certified Speaking Professional, the highest and most prestigious earned credential in professional speaking.

Jim has also authored numerous materials for child service professionals and parents, including the award-winning book If My Kid’s So Nice … Why’s He Driving ME Crazy?, the best-seller, 101 Ways to Make Your Classroom Special, and his newest book, The Changing Behavior Book: A Fresh Approach to the Difficult Child. ┬áSince 2011, he’s been the founder and host of The Changing Behavior Network. So, with some ideas about how we in the child service professions might serve better and enjoy it more, I present… Dr. James Sutton.

Dr. James Sutton

P.O. Box 672, Pleasanton, TX 78064

(830) 569-3586 Fax: (830) 281-2617