Ken Young, Program Developer

Bureau of Education & Research

Bellevue, Washington


Ken called me out of the clear blue a few years ago. He was interested in partnering with me to do training through BER, one of the largest and most respected educational seminar companies in the country. Ken’s guidance helped me to focus, focus, focus on how to get better at what I do. (Ken is probably the only person on this list of references who sat through my entire presentation more than once.) Ken and BER are absolutely top-shelf all the way. I continue to be extremely thankful he made that call.

Don Rolfe, Educational Specialist

Education Service Center, Region XV

San Angelo, Texas


I have had the distinct honor and pleasure to do Special Education training for Don with Region XV ESC in San Angelo. Don has a heart for young people who struggle, and he’s made it his life’s work to help us all find ways to reach them better. If I ever have a question about Special Education and how it’s being affected by changes in federal and state law, Don is my go-to resource. He really knows his stuff, plus he’s an up-beat kind of guy. In his area of specialty, that’s definitely an advantage.

Mark Childs, Vice President of Child Care

South Texas Children’s Home Ministries

Beeville, Texas


Mark is the only person on this list who can attest to my interaction and skills with young people directly. There was a time when I spent two days every month seeing youngsters who had been placed into this residential group home. I think they were actually doing therapy on ME … at least that’s how much I valued my time there. I regularly did training at the home and spent time, cottage by cottage, working with houseparents.

Dr. Wayne Babchuk

University of Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska

(402)-472-7942, (402)-617-6223

Through Wayne and the University of Nebraska, I have had the pleasure and the opportunity to present training programs for child service specialists across all parts of the country. Our long and interconnected association grew out of mutual respect and dedication to the sort of programming we could provide for in-service professionals. I clearly consider the University of Nebraska to be a leader in the development, marketing and delivery of quality conferences. Wayne can certainly speak to my abilities both on and off the platform.

Billy Vaughn, General Manager

North Park Lincoln-Mercury

San Antonio, Texas


Why would a speaker who works almost exclusively with child service professionals add a reference from a totally different industry? Well, I just happened to do a “kick-off-the-new-year” breakfast keynote for Billy’s organization (the largest retail seller of Lincoln products in the United States). Folks, it was a “hoot;” I had a fantastic time. I guess I learned that messages incorporating loyalty, hope and encouragement, especially when gently seasoned with the ability to laugh occasionally at ourselves, pretty much work with ANY audience.