Training Related to ODD

Training Related to ODD and Similar Behaviors

Child and adolescent psychologist, Dr. James Sutton, has developed the following five seminars and programs that address oppositional, difficult and defiant behavior often associated with Oppositional and Defiant Disorder. To read a full description of each program, simply click on the title.

Working Effectively with the Difficult, Defiant and Noncompliant Student

This program is a full-day training that is designed specifically for educators and school support staff. It incorporates current information on defiance and noncompliance, and what has been proven  to work best with students presenting these behaviors at school. Included here are the program focus, benefits to the participants, needs addressed, intended audience, objectives, description, qualifications of the presenter, credit hours awarded, and a program agenda. A new supplement to this information is a “letter” from Dr. Sutton. This program incorporates a professionally prepared resource handbook.

The Oppositional & Defiant Child

This program, also a full-day training, incorporates Dr. Sutton’s research and writings on oppositional and defiant behavior collected over the past 30 years. It contains information that would be useful to all individuals who must raise, teach or counsel with an oppositional and defiant youngster. Included here are descriptions of the program, including focus, participant benefits, needs addressed, intended audience, objectives, description, presenter qualifications, credit hours awarded, and program agenda. The program utilizes an interactive resource handbook.

Managing the Oppositional & Defiant Child (for parents and caregivers)

This is Dr. Sutton’s newest training program on this topic; it’s designed especially for parents, resource parents (such as foster parents) and caregivers. It offers parents insights and practical, doable interventions for the son or daughter who displays chronic behaviors of oppositionality, defiance, and noncompliance. This training is adaptable to either a half-day format, or could be delivered as a breakout session. (In this regard, it fits well as a breakout session following one of Dr. Sutton’s keynote presentations.) Note: This training was developed at the specific request of state associations for foster and adoptive parents, and is ideal for this audience.

Addressing Oppositional and Defiant Behavior: Current “Best Practice” Strategies (for clinicians, counselors, practitioners, social workers, therapists and administrators)

This training program, developed initially at the request of a large residential treatment center, focuses on the full range of oppositional and defiant behaviors, discussing current “best practice” ideas and insights for working effectively with this child and the family. The program is especially helpful for those folks who DON’T work with this child within the classroom setting, although plenty of ideas to be shared in support of teachers regarding compliance are covered.

When the Kid Who Can, WON’T (for educators)

This is a short, half-day or breakout training for educators. It focuses primarly on the issues of noncompliance in the classroom. Included here are the program focus, participant benefits, intended audience, program objectives, qualifications of the presenter, and an agenda.

For more information, or to put training on  your calendar, here’s the contact information:

 James Sutton, EdD