Four FREE, Valuable Resources

Four FREE, Valuable Resources

Here are four FREE resources for parents and professionals who face the struggle of working with a difficult and defiant child or teen.

The Changing Behavior Digest

To our knowledge, this is the ONLY resource of its kind out there. This monthly publication, sponsored by Dr. Sutton and Friendly Oaks Publications, can arrive in your email every month, offering many current ideas, intervention and support. The Digest welcomes questions and will answer them in subsequent issues. It’s a valuable resouce for increasing solutions and decreasing blood pressure. And, since it comes out every month, it’s always current, generally feature special guest experts. The Digest also brings you up to date with the previous months radio programs on The Changing Behavior Radio Network. The following features can be found in every issue:

Tips for Parents

Handling Classroom Challenges

The Counselor’s Corner

Your Questions Answered

Freebies (good stuff every month … FREE)

What’s New?

Closing Thoughts

Scroll and See (book giveaways)

To subscribe, simple CLICK HERE and follow the instructions. The Changing Behavior Digest is a double opt-in (which means no one can sign you up without your knowledge), with the option to easily opt-out at any time.


The Changing Behavior Radio Network

The Changing Behavior Radio Network is an internet radio show founded and hosted by Dr. James Sutton, child and adolescent psychologist and former Special Education teacher.

The “sound” of experts in the fields of education, child development, psychology, medicine and encouragement are featured on The Changing Behavior Radio Network. The goal is simple: To inspire us all to become even better at what we do with and for young people. Guest often write articles for the Digest, bringing the radio show and the monthly publication together.

CLICK HERE to go to the radio website.


Resolving Conflicts with Your Children

Here’s a great 20-page ebook for helping a parent or teacher approach difficult and defiant youngsters about their behavior. It involves what is now becoming a very popular “collaborative” approach to confrontation, an approach that empowers a child or teen to become part of the solution.

In this ebook, Dr. Sutton breaks the whole process down into ten clearly-defined steps, encouraging the adult to address the problem without causing the youngster to become overly defensive.

Due to the popularity of this little ebook, it is now included as a FREE download in EVERY edition of The Changing Behavior Digest. CLICK HERE to subscribe.


The Behavior Modification Trap

This free ebook by Dr. Sutton addresses the use of tangible rewards and incentives with difficult and defiant youngsters. It comes straight from the sixth chapter of his latest work, The Changing Behavior Book.

Have you ever offered a youngster something attractive if they would do a task, only to have them refuse? Why is it some youngsters delight more in refusing than accepting … regardless of what’s on the plate. It doesn’t make sense.

Why is this so? What’s going on here? Why do tangible rewards and incentives fail miserably with some youngsters? More importantly, what will work with this youngster to garner more cooperation and compliance? These questions and issues are addressed in this complimentary ebook, The Behavior Modification Trap. To download, CLICK HERE.