Don’t Lose Your Marbles; Give ‘Em Away!

A Keynote Program


In marbles, the game is over when one’s marbles are gone. In life, youngsters running low on “marbles” become tentative when their options and choices seem limited. The Game of Life is no longer fun; they want to quit. This program encourages the audience to become encouragers, a quality source of whatever it takes to keep youngsters playing.

This program has a history of successfully delivering a powerful message wrapped up in humor and inspiring stories of courage, integrity, and accomplishment.

This program is approximately 1 hour, depending upon schedule.


Dr. Sutton was an awesome keynoter! He captivated the conference participants and most certainly touched every heart.

I promise, you could have heard a pin drop during his entire presentation. It was amazing!

Dr. Debbie Buchanan, Senior Education Consultant, Region One ESC, Edinburg, Texas


James D. Sutton, EdD, Psychologist

PO Box 672, Pleasanton, TX 78064