Crossroads to Greatness

A Keynote ProgramĀ 

When the lives of Martha Berry, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford came together in history, they left a mark, a very indelible mark, extolling the qualities of Loyalty, Encouragement, Attitude, Persistence, and the potency of Simplicity. These individuals lived these principles with all of their being, and they left them behind as a benchmark for all of us.

Through a compelling story taken from history, this program illuminates these pioneers and their guiding principles, and it offers insight for planting these principles into the hearts and minds of our young people today.

This program can easily be directed toward young people as a motivational and inspirational program designed to encourage them to put forth their best efforts in school and in life’s challenges.

This program is 40-60 minutes in length, depending upon schedule. It is also an excellent motivational program to combine with a workshop.