Rosewood Presentation Box


$20.35 (with FREE shipping)

#RSWDBOXST (with Ranger Star)

$23.85 (with FREE shipping)

rosewood presentation box, The Texas Penwright, Ranger Star Concho, Taking Texas with Me

Are you wanting to make a presentation of one of our fine pens as a gift of appreciation? If so, or if you just want to have a really nice way to maintain your keepsake, consider this rosewood presentation box.

This beautiful, rosewood-stained, hardwood box has a flat lid that is suitable for engraving. Another option is to order the box with the Texas Star (also called the Ranger Star) attached to the lid. It’s a NICE touch. (The star, made from durable zinc alloy heavily electroplated in chrome, was custom made for The Texas Penwright.) The box comes with two pen inserts, single or double, and it comes in a white pasteboard container, making gift-wrapping a breeze.

The first photo above shows two boxes, one open and one closed. The photos below show how the same box can accommodate one or two pens. If boxes are included in an order for pens, the pens will be shipped in the rosewood presentation box, unless otherwise indicated. The Certificate of Authenticity will be tri-folded and placed inside each box.


We’re sure you’ll agree this is an excellent way to present a gift that will be remembered.

(Please Note: Presentation boxes are the only items on this website not made by The Texas Penwright. They are imported. Contact us about engraving.)