Mesquite & Cactus Pen


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The Texas Penwright, Mesquite & Cactus Pen, Texas Specialty Items, Taking Texas with Me Pen

This is the pen that got it all started, the mesquite and cactus Taking Texas with Me(TM) pen. The wood from the mesquite tree (Prosopis) is skillfully combined with processed prickly pear cactus (Opuntia) to create¬† this stunning and truly unique keepsake. Colors are natural as, of course, are the textures and characteristics of the materials that make each pen one-of-a-kind. This pen is fitted in gold, a nice touch that sets off the green of the cactus. A protective black, drawstring gift pouch is included. Let us know if you’d like for us to add a gift card.

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Certificate of Authenticity

Each pen comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (pictured below). The certificate can also be folded into thirds, where it will fit inside a presentation box.

Add a Presentation Box

Here is a picture of this pen in a rosewood presentation box.

Mesquite and Cactus Pen in box, The Texas Penwright, Taking Texas with Me

To order this stunning presentation box for your pen, go to the “Presentation Boxes” link.