Mesquite & Liveoak Pen


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Mesquite and Liveoak Pen

The mesquite and liveoak Taking Texas with Me(TM) pen is quite popular because of the contrast of the different woods and the attractive spacer between them. Two Texas hardwoods combine to make this pen strikingly attractive and unique: rich mesquite (Prosopis) and liveoak (Quercus virginiana).

The liveoak center in this pen is separated from the mesquite by black and white spacers generally used in the handles of fine, handmade hunting knives. Characteristic of the liveoak in the center is its soft, light color with flecks of darker brown. It comes with a gift pouch and a gift card, if you wish.

What better way to carry a piece of the Lone Star State in your pocket or purse?

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Certificate of Authenticity

Each pen comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (pictured below). The certificate can also be folded into thirds, where it will fit inside a presentation box.

Add a Presentation Box

Here is a picture of this pen in a rosewood presentation box.

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