Concho Cross


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The Cowboy Concho Cross

CC CrossSM


We’re proud to introduce a slightly different Taking Texas with Me(TM) product, the Cowboy Concho Cross. It is handcrafted from authentic “pieces” of Texas: mesquite and liveoak. These natural woods were harvested in-the-wild in south Texas, then they were painstakingly combined to create this unique piece.

Back CC CrossSMThe final touch, after a protective coat of clear gloss finish, is the bright chrome cowboy concho in the center.

The Taking Texas with Me(TM) Cowboy Concho Cross is 13″ tall with the base, and is 7.5″ wide. The base attaches with two screws that fit into holes that are predrilled (screws and instructions are provided). There is a keyhole-type hanger on the back of the cross, allowing it to be displayed on a wall without the base.


Certificate of Authenticity

CCC Cert

Each Taking Texas with Me(TM) Cowboy Concho Cross comes with a Certificate of Authenticity verifying its authenticity, heritage and “roots.” This certificate opens like a greeting card to show a place where the cross can be designated as a gift, with space for a special message.

The other side of the Certificate of Authenticity, when opened, says this:


The Cross

The cross is a Christian symbol of love and sacrifice. It has graced the homes, the persons and the lives of peasants and kings for centuries. The cross continues to represent a devotion and belief in Someone much greater than ourselves.

In our own small way, we’ve taken a portion of God’s creation to handcraft one of the world’s most recognized icons of faith.


…”Love so amazing, so divine

Demands my soul, my life, my all.”

–Isaac Watts (1674-1748)

from “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross”