How to Purchase

We have made every attempt to make purchasing items from this website easy for you. We want you to receivevalue for your payment, as well as ease of shopping.

PayPal Shopping Cart

We have selected PayPal as our shopping cart because of their excellent reputation and because our testing of the cart proved it to be seamless and efficient. We were impressed; that’s what we want for you.

How it Works

Whenever you see an item you like, simply click on the button for that item. A box will come up showing the contents of the cart, including the item you just selected. Remember: you can ADD, DELETE and/or CHANGE items as many times as you want.

When your cart is like you want it, and you’re ready to check out, just follow the instructions. It’s really easy, and PayPal will send you an email receipt of your purchase. We receive the same email, and will process your order from it.

All Credit Cards Accepted

You will NOT need a PayPal account to purchase from this site with a credit card. We elected to make a PayPal account optional, but not necessary. You can purchase with any major credit card or an eCheck. Be aware that eChecks take 3-4 days to clear.

Free Shipping and Handling

Pens don’t weigh much, so we’re making shipping and handling FREE on all retail purchases. Orders from Texas will be assessed a sales tax of 8.25%.

If you have any questions, email us at or call us at 830-569-3586. We’re here to serve you.

The Texas Penwright