Radio-based Inservice(SM): A Sample

DDN3DCover.JPGSMHere’s your chance to “road test” a short bit of training from the inservice program, Working Effectively with the Difficult, Defiant and Noncompliant Student (revised). This audio clip is from Section A of Part Two: “Getting Out of the Loop.” (2:28)

Before you listen to the audio clip, download and print this page from the professionally prepared resource handbook; it’s the page being discussed in the audio. (CLICK HERE to download the pdf page.)

To listen, use the player below or left-click this [link]. For best results, use a computer equipped with external speakers.

(START/STOP Audio Here)

For information about the current status of Radio-based Inservice(SM) and how it might be brought to your school or district, send an email to this address: