E-Book: Resolving Conflicts with Your Children

Resolving Conflicts with Your Children

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Conflict with one’s children or students can turn a great day into a miserable one. But avoiding necessary confrontation and the difficulty it can bring isn’t the answer, either. What’s needed is a guide, a master script, for discussing troublesome issues with a child or teen in a way that ends up better than it starts.

In this ebook, child and adolescent psychologist, Dr. James Sutton, outlines ten, simple steps for resolving conflicts effectively, even with a “difficult” youngster.┬áIt involves what is now becoming a very popular “collaborative” approach to the issue of confrontation. In this approach, the goal becomes one of creating a place for the child or teen to be a part of the solution, essentially guaranteeing more “buy-in” for the youngster.

One frustrated grandmother, faced with the challenge of single-handedly raising her 14-year-old granddaughter, was pleased with the outcomes of the strategy discussed in this book. “It was better than six months of therapy!” she exclaimed.


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