“If My Kid’s So Nice, Why’s He Driving ME Crazy”

"If My Kid's So Nice ... Why's He Driving ME Crazy"

ISBN 1-878878-65-4

Copyright 1997, reprinted in paperback in 2003

232 pages with glossary, references and index


This book, an award winner, was among several that came out in the late 90s and broke new ground on the topic of oppositional and defiant behavior in children and teens.

This book, with foreword by Zig Ziglar, addresses the behaviors of youngsters who annoy the dickens out of their teachers and parents. They’re good kids, but they’re especially good at “shutting down.” Behaviors of inefficiency, poor school achievement, disruption of the plans of others, and the refusal to act on directives and requests are among those covered in the book.

Educator and psychologist, Dr. James Sutton, defines the most common oppositional and defiant behaviors, plus what we often do that only add to the distress. He then offers plenty of practical and proven strategies and interventions for improving task compliance at home and school while encouraging more harmony in relationships.

If My Kid’s So Nice … Why’s He Driving ME Crazy? shows parents (and teachers) how to:

1. Recognize 15 oppositional and defiant behaviors, and understand why they occur.

2. Avoid the seven “No-lutions,” typical adult reactions that only make matters worse.

3. Address the fear some of the youngsters have of being honest about their feelings.

4. Stimulate improvement and completion of schoolwork and task at home.

5. Rebuild precious relationships.

A glossary, references and index are included.